“I’m leavin’ on a jet plane”


…(except) I know exactly when I’ll be home again!

This crazy crew will be Texas bound in 14 short hours!  Then its 21.5 LONG hours on 3 different planes until we are home!  So that pained sound you just made as you read that is a sign that we need LOTS and LOTS of prayers, please!  Pray that the girls are all content and able to get some sleep on the flight!  Pray for Jay and I to be patient with our three sweet girls…and each other!

Our time here has been great, but one can only take so much time in a hotel room with two toddlers!  We are ready to be home, in our own space, with rules, boundaries and my bed…oh, my bed!

We land in Houston at 8:18pm on November 15th (Flight UA789)…seeing as how China is 14 hours ahead of Texas, we will be ready for lunch when we get home!  (and by lunch I mean Chuys!)  We would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hug your neck, so come see us and meet the newest Motley.  And if the airport is too far…meet us back at our house for Chuys (seriously, someone needs to pick up lunch, I mean dinner!)

The rules are the same as with Amelia…you can blow Emma kisses, smile real cheesy, talk in a baby voice…but so help me if you try to pick her up, feed her 0r bathe her, I will have to hurt you.  Baby girl will be looking for love from anyone and everyone…she will come up to you, smile real sweet and then throw her arms open for you to pick her up…resist the urge, I’m serious.  We need to continue to build the bond between us and her, for her to fully attach to us as her Mama and Dada!  She’s doing so great, we just want that to continue!

Also, any extra TLC that you can show McKayla and Amelia would be greatly appreciated!!

Last Step, almost complete


We had our appointment at the US Consulate this morning…it was quick and painless.  Now we just wait for them to get Emma’s visa in her passport so we can come home!   Just like with Amelia, the moment Emma steps foot on US soil she becomes a US citizen!


Waiting for our guide to pick us up, before our Consulate Appointment this morning.


At the Consulate, they have a fabulous new building in Guangzhou…two years ago the consulate felt a little shady!

What a difference a week makes


I have so much to say, I really do.  So much to tell you about the miracle we have witnessed in our precious baby girl in just 7 days, but my words are failing me and in the moments that sweet Emma is napping or sleeping, I am busy loving on my older two, busy enjoying our blip of time that we are in China, or busy sleeping…sleep deprivation isn’t just for moms of infants, its for any new mommy that hears every noise her new baby makes or gets up 500 times a night to make sure she is still breathing.  So know that all is well and that Emma is doing incredibly well!   Continued prayers for Emma to bond with us and for all of us to remain healthy.  Much love, H


Isn’t it incredible how much fuller Emma’s little face looks after only 7 days?   (Sorry for the blurriness of the pic on the right, its nearly impossible to get this girl to sit still long enough!)

Promise to update soon


My apologies for not sending more updates, after our first day in Hefei, I struggled to get on my blog or Facebook…we arrived in Guangzhou last night and we are well connected here so I promise to update soon!  We will spend the next week here getting Emma’s medical done and visa for the US completed.  We are leaving now to go get Emma’s medical done, pray that it goes quickly, smoothly and is painless!


IMG_6676 2

My sweet babies waiting for our flight last night!


Cuddles with Denise!


Breakfast on the 29th floor!


Finally warming up to Daddy!


More Pictures of our baby


Baby girl is passed out, so I have a minute to post more pictures.  She is doing SO GREAT!  She seems comfortable with me, she is taking in the girls a little at a time and she likes Jay from across the room at the moment.  I feel like we are in a dream!

Nannies from the orphanage in Fuyang...they clearly love Emma and kept telling us how sweet of a girl she is.

Nannies from the orphanage in Fuyang…they clearly love Emma and kept telling us how sweet of a girl she is.

Emma sandwich...bless this child!

Emma sandwich…bless this child!

She's not sure about this big man!

She’s not sure about this big man!

She is checking us out, she hasn't said anything, she has whimpered a little bit...she's not sure what to think of us Texas crazies!

She is checking us out, she hasn’t said anything, she has whimpered a little bit…she’s not sure what to think of us Texas crazies!

We are a lot to take in!

We are a lot to take in!