Long overdue update

I am in awe of our community…our tribe. When we started this adoption we were pretty nervous because we knew financially we couldn’t do it on our own, but we were being obedient and trusted God with every step and He provided…in so many ways. We have been shown so much love and support in the last year and a half, and we still have no words. No words to convey how thankful we are.  Thankful for every prayer that has been said on our behalf.  For the support of all our fundraisers…there were so many!  For each check that showed up in the mail, always at the exact moment we needed it. For the welcome home party at the airport and sign in the yard. For the 8 weeks of meals! For the help with the big girls when we’ve had appointments for Hannah. For the time you have spent encouraging a tired mama, and playing with our energetic girls. For the gifts & snacks. For each phone call and text. And for the time you have spent with us…it all adds up to a super duper grateful family that realizes we are only a family of 6 because of your obedience to Him too. Most days I would say that the last 11 weeks have flown by, other days it feels like it’s crawling by…but either way, I can’t believe how Hannah has grown, how deep our love […]

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