A quick run down on us:

Chapter 1:
I became a member of this Motley Crew in 2003, nearly 14 years ago we tied the knot…some days it seems like it was yesterday and other days it seems like it was 20 years ago!  Nonetheless that is when our adventure together began!

Chapter 2:
On February 6, 2006, McKayla Michelle made her long awaited debut and she has rocked our world ever since!

Chapter 3:
In 2007 JMot took a new position in his company in Dubai (I don’t believe I had any clue where Dubai was prior to moving there…but we aren’t here to discuss my geography).  The plan was to go for 1-2 years…5 years later we returned home!

(Just when I think the chapters can’t get any better or bigger they do! )

Chapter 4:
Jay took another new position in his company in Houston.  We moved back to Texas on April 1, 2012….5 years to the day since we moved.  We built a house in Katy that we got to move into the middle of June!  And as if moving countries, building a house and changing jobs wasn’t enough life changes at one time, we are adding to our family!  We are in the process of adopting the most beautiful baby girl from China, Amelia should join our family in the next couple of months.

Chapter 5:  On November 19, 2012 Amelia Joy joined our family!

Chapter 6: On November 3, 2014 Emma Grace joined our family!

So now you are updated on our chaos!


  1. We are so excited for you all! McKayla & Amelia are such lucky little girls!
    Thanks for starting this blog so we can keep up with your wonderful, busy, growing family! Love ya!

  2. The Armstrongs are so happy for you all. Blessings and love for this journey. Can’t wait for the day to see you all again. Dubai misses you so much! Its just not the same without the Motley Crew! 🙂

  3. OMG… I just logged on and the countdown was in the seconds… not minutes… but actual seconds. I know you are just smiling from ear to ear. I can’t wait to see the newest pictures. I love you all so much. Sydney is so excited to see her new friend and help McKayla be a good big sister like she it. 🙂 Much love to all of you. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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