A Little Knee Time Needed!

We are Here!  We are HERE!!  WE ARE HERE!!!

I can’t believe that we are finally here!  Just 2.5 days until we meet our baby girl!

We had a good flight, made it to the hotel safely and slept off and on throughout the night.  (McKayla choose to be awake from 11pm-5am…ugh!)

I emailed some of you specific prayer requests for each day that we are here, this is another list of things that we (Jay, McKayla and me) put together last week…I had hoped to post it sooner, but packing for this trip was a monster!
Consider 1Peter 5:7 as you read through these…“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”  That is exactly what we did when we made this list…we were giving Him ALL of our “anxiety“, no matter how big, small or silly!
McKayla’s List  
(Hers were typed word for word…I love this baby girls heart!)
  • Safe flight
  • That we get Amelia okay and china says okay
  • Safe trip coming home. No accidents on the airplane
  • Keep our house safe
  • Help Ashok, Chamila and new baby  (this was our housekeeper in Dubai)
  • To help Amelia’s heart to love and trust us and me, McKayla.
  • Safety while in china.
Jay’s List

  • Keep us all healthy
  • The paperwork would go smoothly and bless the whole process
  • Heather would be able to have a sense of peace and not to stress or worry about anything.
  • Prepare us for the unknown
  • Safe and trouble free travel
Heather’s List
(of course mine are long winded…sorry!)
  • Sleep – We are a family of sleepers…we LOVE our sleep and we NEED our sleep.  Pray that we get over jet lag quickly, so that we will be alert and coherent when we get Amelia…we don’t want to miss anything on her Gotcha Day.  Also pray that Amelia is comfortable enough to sleep soundly from the time we get her.
  • Food – Being married to the worlds pickiest eater can make trips like this one stressful, pray that we find foods that Jay (and my mom) will be comfortable  eating…otherwise pray that the oatmeal and peanut butter crackers I packed will sustain them!  Pray that I don’t eat too many daring things…things I might regret later in the day.  😉  Also, pray for Amelia’s wee tummy, we won’t know exactly what she ate on a daily basis, so pray that her tummy won’t get too messed up.
  • Patience – As I explained to McMot, “Mommy and Daddy are going to be emotional over the next couple of weeks, and with lots of emotion comes lots of stress, and with lots of stress comes lack of patience, I just need you to show us a little grace and just know that we are doing the best we can”.  Pray that we have patience for each other and patience with the process of finalizing everything.
  • Health – We will be exposed to SO many new germs, pray that our immune systems stay strong and are able to fight off any sickness.  (especially with M feeling like she needs to touch everything and crawl on the hotel floor…pretty sure Jay just bathed her in antibacterial gel…geesh!)
  • Connie – My Mom joined us on this trip to help us look after and love on McKayla…not many mama’s could do this, but she is.  Pray for her health, patience and energy!
  • McKayla – We are SO blessed that we could bring McKayla with us…a trip she will never forget!  Pray that God will use this time to draw us together as a family of four.
  • Jay – What a mighty man I married!  Pray that this man will continue to be so strong for his crazy girls…all three of us!
  • Amelia – Oh sweet angel…I have dreamed of you for 10 years, and now you will soon be in my arms!  Pray for my littlest daughter, that God would heal her heart of the grief and pain she is about to go through as she loses everyone and everything she has ever known.  Pray that she is able to begin attaching to Jay and I, and also to her sweet sister that is not going to be able to help but smother her in smooches!  Pray that she is patient with us as we try to feed her, change her and love her.
  • Orphanage – Pray for each of her caregivers at her orphanage, they have had the privilege of watching Amelia go from a baby to a toddler, bless them for loving our daughter until we could get to her.   Pray for the children in her orphanage to find their forever families.
  • Amelia’s Birth parents – We will never know why her birth parents couldn’t keep her, but we feel honored to call her ours.  Pray that they have peace that she will be well loved and well looked after.

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  1. Have been praying for you Heather since you were 4 yrs old….have never stopped…now praying for your entire family…hope Connie had a good trip…love you forever and always…

  2. We’re so very excited!!! Praying for you ALL the time and sending huge hugs!!!

    Love you all so much…Alanda, Jim and the Dubai gang

  3. Heather will be praying for you and entire family…have been since you were 4yrs old…what a wonderful time of your lives…thank you for sharing this with all of us. Love always.

  4. You have been on my heart and mind many times over the past few days. Praying for all of you. Love you all so much!!

  5. I have been praying for you guys. Please tell McKayla I miss her very much and can’t wait to see her in action as a big sister. Her friends are always asking if she made it safely and don’t worry, it will all go smoothly 🙂

  6. I’m so excited for you all and praying for you too! Thanks for sharing your lives with us while in Dubai and keeping us updated now that you’re back in Texas. Amelia is such a lucky girl. I can’t wait to tell Nina all about your new addition. Love, Denise and Jeff

  7. Lots of love and prayers for you all. This is so exciting, and I can hardly wait to see the first picture of your whole family. Enjoy the next few hours, the entire build up until she’s in your arms:)

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