There is SO much to tell y’all, but I could only let her go long enough to post two pictures!! Keep praying…it’s been a rough afternoon for our angel!


Our first picture as a family of FOUR!


Categories: Adoption


  1. Heather..Jay..McKayla..Congratulations on your new daughter/sister and your beautiful new family. God has Blessed your lives. You all look just wonderful together. May God Bless you and your entire family. Much love to you. Welcome to the family..Amelia…

  2. Praise God!!! So incredibly excited for you guys. We have been praying so much for you all. God is faithful and He has answered your prayers. Looking forward to the next update, but if I were you, I certainly wouldn’t want to leave that gorgeous little girl for one second! 😉 Love you cousin!
    -Laura, Eric, Elayna & Baby G2

  3. Soooooooo excited to see her with y’all!!!! Praise God. Can not wait to see her here in TEXAS!!!! Welcome Amelia!!! love you all, Aunt Debbie

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