T minus 3 hours 45 minutes

I can’t believe that its almost time, in just under 4 hours we will meet our precious Emma Grace.  (that’s between 7:45-8:15pm Texas time)  Me and the girls are wide awake…who can sleep when your life is about to change forever?  Jay can, thats who!

Pray, pray, pray for Emma, in an hour she will be headed to Hefei (where we are, its the capital of her province) it will take her over 2.5 hours to get here.

Also, pray for me and Amelia, we are so sleep deprived we are trying to get sick…pray for our congestion to be gone and for us all to sleep great tonight!

McMot just asked that y’all pray that she gets back into the same class  when we get home and that Amelia and Emma get along well.  (I love this sweet girl!)

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