What a difference a week makes

I have so much to say, I really do.  So much to tell you about the miracle we have witnessed in our precious baby girl in just 7 days, but my words are failing me and in the moments that sweet Emma is napping or sleeping, I am busy loving on my older two, busy enjoying our blip of time that we are in China, or busy sleeping…sleep deprivation isn’t just for moms of infants, its for any new mommy that hears every noise her new baby makes or gets up 500 times a night to make sure she is still breathing.  So know that all is well and that Emma is doing incredibly well!   Continued prayers for Emma to bond with us and for all of us to remain healthy.  Much love, H


Isn’t it incredible how much fuller Emma’s little face looks after only 7 days?   (Sorry for the blurriness of the pic on the right, its nearly impossible to get this girl to sit still long enough!)

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