We are so close!

We just received our Travel Approval from China!  YAY!  Just a few more steps and we will be on our way to get Amelia!  We are just waiting on our appointment time at the US Consulate in Guangzhou before we can book our travel.

We HOPE to be on an airplane by November 7th, we will spend a few days in Beijing and then we will go to Taiyan (which is  the capital of Shanxi Province, where Amelia is from)  So we should get our baby girl on either the 11th or 12th….BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!  (Good luck topping this birthday in the future JMot!)   We will spend a total of 14-15 days in China, so we should be home Thanksgiving night.  Originally the plan was for Jay and I to go alone, but sometime in August there seemed to be a shift in McKayla’s thinking about her baby sister, it was all becoming real to her and I think she began to worry she was going to be left out.  So, now we have her and my mom going too.  We want her to experience every step right along side of us!  Please begin praying for all four…five of us!

Amelia will be 20 months old on Saturday…this is the most recent photo I have of her.  Isn’t she just gorgeous and she looks so happy (Thank you God that she is happy)!   I can’t wait to get her in my arms….We are so close baby!

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