Bracelets, bracelets and more bracelets!!

As most of you know, I have been making and selling bracelets to raise the funds for our required “donation” to Amelia’s orphanage. We are nearly there!

If you have somehow missed out on a bracelet and want one, or would like to help me sell some, just send me a quick note and I’ll put them in the mail to you!

Thank you to everyone that has helped me make them (hopefully the signs of carpal tunnel will fade with time), helped me sell them (peddling stuff in this market isn’t easy) or has bought one…we so appreciate your love and support!

Here are a few pictures of them…each bracelet is $15 and comes with a little starfish charm and a bookmark. They are made to roll on to your wrist.





Categories: Adoption


  1. Heather I would love to have two of these bracelets. I would like a black and white and then a colored one. What ever you think. Carie wants one too. She will let you know. Love you guys and am so happy for your new little one. She is a very lucky girl to be coming to such a wonderful family. Let me know what i owe you.

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