Here we go again

IMG_1352 copyIts been a while…sorry for that.  Life tends to get in the way!  But now seems like a perfect time to jump back into blogging.

Just as we get Amelia out of diapers, we think its time to add to our crew.  As most of you know, we are in the middle of our second adoption for our baby girl from China.  We are currently waiting for China to review our dossier (our life on paper) and give us the go ahead to adopt the most precious baby girl from a province in Eastern China…we can’t give any details online about her until we get their approval, (which is likely not until the end of August) but if you see me I would LOVE to show you her sweet face!

Just like with Amelia, we are required to give the orphanage a donation in the amount of $5,700 when we go get our baby girl this fall/winter.  Our first go around, I thought that seemed like a huge chunk of change, but after seeing the impact that it makes on the children in the orphanage and the underpaid and overworked nannies, its not nearly enough.

With all that said, we are working towards raising funds for this “required donation” (those two words together make me laugh) by having a T-shirt fundraiser.  Each shirt is $20 and comes in various sizes (YXS – 3XL) and two colors (grey or red).  This fundraiser will only be open until June 30th, after it is over, shirts will be mailed to me and then we will get them to you!  So expect delivery somewhere around the end of July!

Follow the link below to order your shirt today!

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