Adoption…It’s not just for superheroes


The shirts are in!!!

When Jay and I sat down to talk through our t-shirt fundraiser, we initially set a goal to sell 50 t-shirts, which would help us raise around $750…which meant there would be further fundraising in order to hit our goal of $5,700, for our orphanage donation when we go to China.  Last minute I changed it to 75 knowing it would be a stretch, but I wanted to try to hit $1,000.

With y’alls amazing love, support and prayers, we not only sold 104 t-shirts, WE RAISED $3,500! Add that to the amount we have been socking away, we are up to $5,200! Unbelievable!!   Anytime that I have thanked someone for buying a shirt and said the words “Thank you”, I just kinda shake my head because I don’t feel like it does what I am feeling justice.  We are utterly amazed by the outpouring of support we have been shown, not just from our family and friends, but by complete strangers who are forever part of our journey to our baby girl.  There are no words…just know that our cup is overflowing.

With that said, I am in the process of sorting all of the shirts, to start delivering and mailing them to each of you.  You’ve already done so much, BUT…I would really love it, if you could send me a picture of you wearing it, so I can make a little album for our baby girl.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,



PS – If you somehow missed my 5,002 posts on Facebook about buying a t-shirt, we did order 10 extra…but we are already down to 4 in the following sizes, let me know if you want one:

1 Youth Medium
1 Large
1 XLarge
1 2XLarge

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