Remodeling Days

We have been in our new home for 6 months now and for the last 5 months we have been having our house remodeled. What started out as a small remodel, we are just going to paint, build out an extra bedroom and convert a half bath to a full bath, turned into let’s redo all the floors, gut the kitchen and 500 other things. It’ll be fun (no one said)! So 4 short weeks after we moved in (which was 4 short months since we moved from Katy), we rented a shipping container, packed everything on the first floor back up and loaded it into the elephant trailer as we called it and the “fun” began.

Roughly 5 minutes into tile demo as a layer of dusted spread throughout the house I wondered if we should not be living in the house during a remodel such as this, ehh I’m sure it’s fine. (cough, cough, cough) The fun continued and we had the same couple of guys at the house everyday, we have really gotten to know them and have learned so much watching them work. There were a few rooms that Jay and I took on as our projects and worked on those on the weekends, come Mondays I was always a little antsy to get their reaction to what we had or had not completed. They would weigh in on how to do something I was unsure of, what I could do different, etc. I loved getting their input!

Since COVID and leaving Katy the biggest thing we have missed is our community…at school, at church and in our neighborhood. We miss people! It’s hard to settle into a new place and meet people during a pandemic, while homeschooling. My prayer since our move was for God to help us find our community in Montgomery, and for Him to surround us with people that we could love on and be loved by…I’ve been praying that for 6 months friends, 6 months and I nearly missed how He has been answering that prayer for 5 months! Our “community” has been here for 5 months in the form of Hector, Francisco, Sergio and sometimes Mariano and Luna. We have celebrated the girls birthdays with them, and their birthdays with us, we’ve exchanged Christmas gifts, we have shared so many meals with them, we’ve laughed, they’ve probably cried a couple times when I didn’t like how something turned out, we’ve brainstormed together, we’ve had lots of talks about family, business, adoption and faith…these guys have become our community…our friends…our family…they have been the answer to my prayers!

We are down to our last days with them and although we are ecstatic to have our home nearly complete, we are going to miss them so much!! What a gift it has been to have them with us, they have loved us well, I hope the feeling has been mutual! My point in all of this rambling…don’t miss what’s right in front of you just because it doesn’t look exactly like you thought it would!

Shipping container/elephant trailer to store our stuff! The girls were hoping there would be an elephant in it! We rented it for a month, but because of rain and snow, it was stuck in our front yard for 3 extra months. (Sorry neighbors)
Hector & Francisco
Tile dust is the worst.
I didn’t get many pics of them in action, but they make a good team and they laugh a lot! 😂
Sergio and Hector…the Zuniga brothers!
Sergio and his wife Eunice grilled fajitas for us!
Zipline shenanigans!
McKayla is so bummed she missed out on pictures.
Are those tears in my eyes…perhaps. 😭 I am going to miss seeing their faces everyday.

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  1. Heather!!! It was great to read your report and to hear how life has been going for you! One thing we can all agree on is: The last 16 months have definitely changed our lives!

    I miss my Mama greatly but I am so happy she is no longer having to deal with “this world”!!!

    Neil’s illness & diagnosis certainly altered our world but again, I am grateful that he is slowly healing & I still have him here with me!

    Thank you for keeping me “in-the-loop”! Lots of Love, Aunt Esther


  2. My beautiful, sweet niece. How I have missed our talks. I’m so happy you found your community. Just keep building on that. I love where you’re living now and if I’m honest, a little green about it. 😹 I so want to move where we have “room to breathe”! Live on your girls for me, and tell them to each give you a huge hug real tight and tell you it’s from me! Love you so much and miss you dearly.

  3. You guys just are like the Energizer Bunny. You just keep going and going and going………….😂


  4. As always Heather you find and show how God is moving, big and small; in our hearts and our community. Lots of love from Dallas to your Motley Crew ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙

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