You’ve got a friend in me

Two of McKaylas first best friends in Dubai!

I’ve prayed a lot of prayers in my 41 years…a lot of prayers! You know how the story goes, so many that appeared to have gone unanswered, some that we prayed for years and years (I’m looking at you fever of 2 years, 1 month and 6 days) and many that we have seen answered rather quickly! Regardless of the speed, my breath is always taken away at how faithful God is…even in the unanswered requests.

Today was McKaylas 8th day of school, in a new city, district, school…for 7 of those days she has sat by herself at lunch. Which naturally had her questioning our move for a hot minute, but she has resolved it will get better as swim practices start and clubs start meeting. I’ve encouraged her to keep saying hi, introducing herself, putting herself out there until then. Nevertheless we have been praying for God to send sweet friends to come along side her. McKayla blames us for her lack of friends, she doesn’t really blame us, but she does have a unique world view for a 15 year old, and we did play a part in that. Our 5 years in Dubai changed all of us, our 3 trips to China shredded us, we aren’t the same people we once were, praise God for that! My point, she struggles in the friend department, she always has, I don’t get it, I’ve never met a stranger, so it’s hard for me to help, other than to pray. For years we have prayed, prayed for friends that she can relate to, or that can relate to her, friends that can understand some of the third culture-ness that she feels. She has struggled with this since we moved back from Dubai 9 years ago! (Don’t get me wrong, she made some sweet friends in Katy, but none she was super close to.)

At pick up today she hopped in the car and could barely get her words out she was so excited. She made a friend today! Not just any friend, but a friend that lived in Dubai for 8 years (some of the time we were there), a friend that she has so much in common with! She was elated and I burst into tears, thank you Lord! I don’t know if this gal will end up being a best friend or not, but we are praising God for her today and for how He answered this prayer!

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  1. What a sweet story!!! I am so glad God brought McKayla a new friend. I love her and all of you, sweet family!

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