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There’s no place like home

In 3 hours we will be boarding our plane: 2 stops and 21.5 short hours later we will land in Houston!  Please pray that it goes well!  With Amelia being under 2, we opted not to get her a seat…why pay for one if you don’t have to, that was my practical side that made that decision, I could just beat that side of me up right about now.  So we are hoping for a bassinet seat!!  There is nothing Miss Independent could love less than to sit in my lap the entire way. I just wanted to answer a few questions that I know many of you have: When do you arrive in Houston?  Can we come to the airport? We land at Houston Intercontinental at 4:44pm on December 1st, we clear customs in LA, so we should be in baggage claim area by 5pm.  We would love to hug your neck, so yes come see Amelia in person…I’ll do you one better, some of our family built a monstrosity in our backyard last weekend, so if you can’t make the airport scene, join us in our backyard for the big reveal for the girls.  Although, as much as we would love for you to stay for hours while we rehash every detail of our trip, we are going to keep the backyard party to one hour so we can get the girls fed and to bed at a […]

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Like a glove

As y’all know, McKayla is very strong-willed and I love her for it!  I remember when she was about 3, and dozens of people over her first 3 years would notice her strong-willingness (not sure that its even a word…but follow me) and comment on it, I, a clueless mother would take it as a compliment.  Until one day it […]

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That is how I have spent the last 48 hours. The morning before we went to get Amelia, I was overwhelmed with emotions…excitement, anticipation, nervousness and fear. I was worried about what I would wear to meet her. I practiced saying “I love you” in Mandarin. I bossed my hubby around. I prayed and prayed, and prayed some more. I […]

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